Modernizing Your Application and Processes with Modernizing.dev

Nick Scialli December 01, 2020🚀 1 minute read

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I’m excited to announce I have started working on a new project to help organizations embrace tech modernization!

The project is called modernizing.dev and strives to do a couple things:

  1. Build a “roadmap” to help tech leads modernize
  2. Provide insights via articles on common modernization considerations, snags, and tips

The roadmap is currently fairly simplistic and goes something like this:

modernization roadmap

In plain text, the roadmap is:

  1. Source Control
  2. Automated Testing
  3. Continuous Integration
  4. Continuous Delivery & Deployment
  5. Telemetry/Monitoring
  6. The Cloud
  7. Microservices
  8. Containerization
  9. Feature Flagging
  10. Failing Faster

To many of us fortunate enough to be in organizations that practice many (or all) of these characteristics, it might be hard to realize that there are a ton of organizations out there operating legacy applications with more archaic development processes. Modernizing.dev will attempt to offer a less intimidation approach to modernization.

Anyways, I’m very excited to share this project and hope you (or someone you know) will make use of it!

Nick Scialli

Nick Scialli is a software engineer at the U.S. Digital Service.

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